Taking the high road… 

Taking the high road… 

It sounds simple enough in theory but practically its much more of a task. We all have a rough idea of how we would act in a certain situation, then when it actualy happens we behave in the exact opposite way. 

Granted we’re human and sometimes emotions run high and things happen way faster than logic can handle. 

I dnt know about you but Im my own worst critic and i usually perfom a post analysis when i lose my cool just to try and see how i could have acted different.  

I wunt lie, some people make it difficult to even remember the high road exists. Iv been having too many of these moments lately especially at work and iv just decided enough is enough. 

I wunt be that person who takes the bait and in the end looks like the bad guy. Some people dnt deserve you using so much energy just to prove your right. Thats what karma is for! 

Sooner or later they will get what’s coming to them and you wont even have to lift a finger! 

The big Three O!

The big Three O!

Time flies is becoming more than an understatement,I turn 30 tomorrow and honestly it seems like my life has been moving in fast forward.I thought teachers we’re just being harsh when they said things would be very different once we left school.

Campus was a hoot though and for a while we created our own reality but that did not last forever.Graduation soon came and it was time to go deal with real life.But thirty was still far away and boy did I have plans,things I had to achieve or do by the time I turned thirty.


First on the list was getting a good job,well it has been an up and down kind of ride but I’m finally working at a job i really enjoy and it can only get better.Second on the list was finding Mr.Right,I learned the hard way you can’t plan for this one.Believe me the frogs did not disappoint but I did meet my prince charming and I couldn’t be happier.

I was going to have two kids by the time I turned 28 but as fate would have it,this wasn’t an exact science either.I am the proud mummy of a beautiful brilliant little girl and we’re  working on the second born,watch this space 🙂

Looking back I don’t know what I was so afraid of about turning 30.I have grown up so much since my days of claiming I’d be 18 till i die. I now know life can’t fully be planned out and I don’t really sweat the small stuff.Instead I’m grateful for all I have,for the good and bad things that have happened to me,because they got me here.

So happy thirtieth birthday to me,can’t wait to see what the next phase of my life has to offer!


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Striking a balance….

Striking a balance….

Sometimes it feels like no matter how hard I try am falling short,whether its at being a mum,a wife,a daughter,a sister or even at work.But falling short based on whose standards,mine?And if so should I then cut myself some slack or maintain them so that I’m always working towards being a better me.

If its not by my standards then should I break my back trying to live up to other peoples expectations?When we were kids I thought my mum was super woman,now that I’m older though I realize she was doing so much and dealing with her own issues as working mother and wife.


There are these roles that are expected of both men and women either by society or just as a status quo we have come to except them.How realistic are they though?For instance,men are supposed to be the providers in their family.

In today’s world two income homes are becoming more common,how then does this affect the role of the man, if at all?I remember my dad making Sunday breakfast sometimes but that was a rare occurrence,talking from my own experience,I don’t know how I would survive if my husband didn’t help out with dinner or dishes every so often.

Does this make me any less of a wife or mother or him less of a man?I don’t think so!I love that my daughter will have numerous memories of making breakfast with her dad,doing school projects or sorting the laundry,so that mummy does not have to be up all night doing chores.

So to hell with people’s standards and expectations,I’ll go with what works for me and my family.I’ll  give myself a hard time every once in a while because I’m my own worst critic but I can handle me…


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Bad things happen but they don’t last forever…

Bad things happen but they don’t last forever…

    I used to take it so personal when people hurt me, I thought something had to be wrong with me, I had done something to deserve it..
     I could never cry either, No! That was a sign of weakness and ‘they’ would have won. I would cry inside though, I didn’t know then that built up emotions we’re no good and they would eventually blow up.


     I still get hurt but I’ve learnt not to let the things that happen to me define me. I’ll still give it a good vent but I know now I can’t control people’s actions only my reactions.
   Cheaters will cheat , haters will hate, pretenders will be pretenders,cowards will leave when you need them the most, but you will survive and grow from it.

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The best laid plans….. no such thing

The best laid plans….. no such thing

Its October, I feel like this year has been in fast forward, I just need to catch my breath…

I’ve accomplished some of what I set out to do but not all, there ‘ s still 2 months left tho, here’ s hoping…

Does this make make me a failure ? I think not. Acknowledging that everything is not in my control has been the toughest lesson of all..

Life is like learning how to drive or ride a bicycle, the more you practice the better you get at it. The trick is to not give up, that is just not an option.

Its not always that black and white tho and its easy to give up and throw in the towel but i have faith that He has better plans for me than i could ever have for myself….

Jeremiah 29:11-12 For i know the plans i have for you declares the Lord “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future

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