Our first two digit birthday…. 

Our first two digit birthday…. 

My daughter’s birthday is usually an emotional time for me, it comes with soo many memories from when she was born to where we are now.. 

It sometimes seems surreal how fast time flies. Just the other day we we’re celebrating milestones like her first word, her first day at school. 

Our conversations were based on her numerous why and how questions. Now they’re full of well thought out opinions and arguements. 

I always write  a post on her birthday but she does not get to read my posts, so she’ll never be privy to my thoughts. 

Then I got to thinking the posts could be an awesome present for her one day.I  could compile them and give them to her when she turns eighteen.

Growing up I dnt really have an open relationship with my mum, where we could talk about stuff . 

That’s one of the things I work hard to cultivate with my daughter. That she will always be able to talk me,even when we get to the teenage drama. 

Its humbling to see your child practising what you have taught her, to know that you are doing something right especially in today’s world where our kids are exposed to so much. 

Her birthday is not only about her growth but about mine as well. There is no manual for parents, most of us are just trying our best and learning as we go. 

So here’s to my princess as she turns ten and to me as i grow into a better and hopefully wiser mother. 

Taking the high road… 

Taking the high road… 

It sounds simple enough in theory but practically its much more of a task. We all have a rough idea of how we would act in a certain situation, then when it actualy happens we behave in the exact opposite way. 

Granted we’re human and sometimes emotions run high and things happen way faster than logic can handle. 

I dnt know about you but Im my own worst critic and i usually perfom a post analysis when i lose my cool just to try and see how i could have acted different.  

I wunt lie, some people make it difficult to even remember the high road exists. Iv been having too many of these moments lately especially at work and iv just decided enough is enough. 

I wunt be that person who takes the bait and in the end looks like the bad guy. Some people dnt deserve you using so much energy just to prove your right. Thats what karma is for! 

Sooner or later they will get what’s coming to them and you wont even have to lift a finger! 

The big Three O!

The big Three O!

Time flies is becoming more than an understatement,I turn 30 tomorrow and honestly it seems like my life has been moving in fast forward.I thought teachers we’re just being harsh when they said things would be very different once we left school.

Campus was a hoot though and for a while we created our own reality but that did not last forever.Graduation soon came and it was time to go deal with real life.But thirty was still far away and boy did I have plans,things I had to achieve or do by the time I turned thirty.


First on the list was getting a good job,well it has been an up and down kind of ride but I’m finally working at a job i really enjoy and it can only get better.Second on the list was finding Mr.Right,I learned the hard way you can’t plan for this one.Believe me the frogs did not disappoint but I did meet my prince charming and I couldn’t be happier.

I was going to have two kids by the time I turned 28 but as fate would have it,this wasn’t an exact science either.I am the proud mummy of a beautiful brilliant little girl and we’re  working on the second born,watch this space 🙂

Looking back I don’t know what I was so afraid of about turning 30.I have grown up so much since my days of claiming I’d be 18 till i die. I now know life can’t fully be planned out and I don’t really sweat the small stuff.Instead I’m grateful for all I have,for the good and bad things that have happened to me,because they got me here.

So happy thirtieth birthday to me,can’t wait to see what the next phase of my life has to offer!


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New beginnings..

New beginnings..


I haven’t posted anything in a fortnight and its not because i didn’t have something to say, I guess I was clearing the cache (just got off the phone with an I. T guy might as well borrow the lingo)

One of my favourite quotes is

dont speak because you have to say something, speak because you have something to say

and I try to live by it.

In truth I feel like 2016 is just starting for me. January was not the easiest month and cant say I’m sad to see it go.

February on the other hand has started with a bang, I landed a new job that is full of promise and i think I’m really going to enjoy it.

This is my turning 30 year: pause for effect when did i get old??! Well never I’ll be 22 for the next 10years…

Seriously though I’ve been in a reflective mood since the beginning of the year, kind of settling the accounts of my life so far…

Looking back at the things I thought I would have done by now, I just laughed. I’ve learnt that life has its own plans that almost never coincide with ours.

The books don’t look so bad though,I’m healthy,surrounded by people who love me, I ‘m a mummy to a beautiful princess(who I must give a little brother or sister soon) and I have a job that I think will challenge and reward me at the same time.

Things could be worse, so here’ s to new beginnings and whatever they may bring..


Why i started my blog..

Why i started my blog..

I haven’t thought about this in a while, guess I’ve just been excited about the writing it self, which is good coz it means my creative juices are flowing.

Well I’m thinking about it now as part of a course I’m taking to improve my blog as well as my writing skills.

Writing has always been my way of expressing what I’m feeling or going through.

I have heard a diary since I was eleven but after 10 years of noting down every emotion and significant event in my life, it began to lose its appeal

That was when I started thinking of a blog, all the way back in 2007.It took till 2014 because i did not really know how to go about it or even where to start.

Then a friend recommended WordPress, my blog is now about a year old, with 32 followers. Not bad but I’m hoping to increase that as I learn more.

Blogging is different and i think better than writing in a private diary because I get to share with others what I have experienced as we encourage and learn from each other.

Its also my way of wearing my scars and stories on my sleeve without any shame or fear because they make me who I am.

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