out of style…….what a shame!

out of style…….what a shame!

Remember when someone’s word was golden,that you said you would do something and actually intended to do it….

When promises meant something,friendship was based on real bonds and not on a ‘what can i get out of this’ basis.

Relationships and marriages we’re institutions to be respected and not short term arrangements until the next best thing showed up….

Responsibilities we’re honored and people prided themselves in carrying out their duties and effectively at that….

Have we ‘evolved’ so much that the basic¬† human values are out of style?

Granted not all is lost,there are still a few of us who are honest,kind,responsible,faithful,hardworking and genuine in almost all they do…

But they’re surely not the majority.Is this the human legacy we want to leave behind for our children and their children…..

As much as trends are ever changing,some things should never go out of style otherwise we will stop being human….

………my two scents…….