Why do you hate my mum.. 

Why do you hate my mum.. 

You courted her, proposed and finally before God and man vowed to be her provider and protecter, to respect, support and love her till death do you part. 

Over the years you have broken all of these vows, you have rewarded the woman who stuck by you through good and bad times with nothing but pain and heart ache. 

You say you love us, that we are your blood. Do you think we fell from the sky?  Have you forgotten the person who bore  you three children.. There is no us without her… 

Granted relationships are hard and they dnt always work. Common decency dictates tho that you respect one another, have some decorum and keep your dirty laundry to yourself. 

You say she’s brainwashed us and that she wants to turn us against you. But you did that all on your own when you not only left home but also checked out of our lives. The pop in and out dsnt count, we’re not a drive through. .. 

You dnt get our unconditional loyalty to her, well let me simplify it for you. You left, she stayed!She has always been there for us, even when we dnt have anything  to eat or money for bills. Never did she say one bad thing about you. 

Then you want to act some type of way because we know the struggles she’s had to go through to raise us and wunt let you continue to disrespect and hurt her. .. 

Why do you hate the woman who has kept your home since you walked  out 20 years ago. .. 

Why do you hate the woman who carried  your three beautiful children.. 

Why do you hate the woman who insisted we have to respect you because no matter what you are our father…. 

Settling for less..when did it become okay?

Settling for less..when did it become okay?

Is it a casualty of the 21st century?Are we so busy now working 16 hour shifts,trying to keep up with the Morgan’s,splashing our ‘perfect’ lives on social media ,envying each other,judging each other ..that it has become okay to settle for whatever comes your way just to fit into some stereotype of what a successful, happy,person is supposed to be.

We have redefined success to be something that is measured by how much material wealth someone has, never mind the fact that for most its bought on credit and might very well be the reason your children do not go to college.

Relationships are now casual hookups to be walked in and out of whenever they stop fulfilling the short term goals they we’re set up for.Marriage is no longer a lifetime commitment,people are making vows they know full well they do not intend to keep.

The reasons for getting married have also done a complete turn around,if your a woman in her thirties then there is all this pressure to get married and have children because apparently some clock is ticking.So what if you haven’t met the right person yet?Do you just marry the first man who comes your way because the clock is ticking?

A young man with a good job,a car and a house is reminded constantly that he now has to find a wife and start a family.But do these pressure givers take the time to prepare him for marriage and  the responsibilities it comes with.We are so busy judging what people are doing and deciding how they should be doing it different,we forget the decisions we are forcing them to make will affect their lives forever.


Is it really worth it,to look like you have the good life when in actual sense you are knee deep in debt?

Is it that important to be in a relationship that society approves of ,that we’re okay being in loveless marriages,some filled with all kinds of abuse.

What kind of blue print are we living for our children if we bring them up in a commercialized world,where everything is at face value and very few people love or at the very  least genuinely care for each other..

Nothing in this world is perfect,but that’s no excuse to settle for whatever the wind blows your way,especially if its going to define you for the rest of your life.

……………………………………….my two cents…………………………………..







My hands are tied…..

My hands are tied…..

I learnt the hard way not to settle for less, never to let a relationship define me to the point where I lose my identity.

It took heart break and a train wreck relationship to figure out that speaking my mind and demanding to be treated right was okay and it didn’t make me unlovable.

You saw me go through this and watched helplessly as I gave too much to someone who didn’t deserve it … and there was nothing you could do about it..
You we’re my refuge when i finally hit rock bottom and called it quits. As i struggled to find myself and regain my self confidence.


And now here we are, you’re in the same situation, maybe even worse. And there’s nothing I can do but be there for you.

It hurts me that you gave your all and got a raw deal instead. I worry that you’re still in denial and seem confused about what to do next…

There’s only so much I can do, I listen when you vent, I point out where I think you’re being dupped but I can’t really make the tough decisions for you.

I’m praying for you though, for strength, for courage, for wisdom to do the right thing- for you, that you choose yourself and your happiness before all else…

Friday photo thought :standing with Brussels.

Friday photo thought :standing with Brussels.


Took this outside the West gate Mall in Nairobi Kenya,where terrorists attacked taking lives and causing massive destruction.

Who would have thought there would ever be light here again…

Love will always overcome hate, terrorism may put us down but together we will rise up.

Human nature …

Human nature …

I was complaining to a friend recently how negative the world has gotten. We have totally lowered the bench mark for what is acceptable and what is not.

Granted we are human beings, we’re not perfect and we definitely make mistakes.

When did that become an excuse though for all the crazy things happening around us.

I have stopped watching the news and reading the paper unless its absolutely necessary.

When all the channels are running stories like how a step mother plotted to kill her step children or a mother killed her children then committed suicide…

When couples are resolving their issues through violence that most times ends in death of one or both of them.

When teenagers are planning parties dubbed ‘project X’ where the aim is to come dressed in barely nothing and indulge in all manner of drugs …

I know that’s what gets the media their ratings ,but whats happening to us? have we lost our humanity?

Its scary to imagine what kind of world our children are going to grow up in?I may be guilty of burying my head in the sand but I choose not feel my mind with all that negativity. What good can come of it?!

…….. My two cents…

Peace, Love and Unity!

Peace, Love and Unity!

It was a tough weekend for my country as we have yet again been attacked by the heartless monster called terrorism.

This time they struck at a Kenya Defence Forces camp in Somalia injuring soldiers and even taking hostages.


The entire country is standing together, praying for the safe retrieval of these brave men and women,as well the quick recovery of those injured during the attack.

They sacrifice themselves to protect us and defend our country from these extremists killing innocent people in the name of religion and this is our way to show them that we do not take this for granted.


When writing this post I remembered something our Pastor said yesterday about being a christian first before all else.
Kenyans have time and time again proven that they will always stand together in times of tragedy and this is no different.

We are Kenyans first before any religion..
We are Kenyans first before our many diverse tribes…
We are Kenyans first before any political affiliations…
And we will over come this too, just like we did when they attacked the West Gate Mall and the Garissa University.
…….. God Bless Kenya….

Old is gold….

Old is gold….

Saw this picture in the newspaper and was just amazed by its creativity! And also by how little I know about the other tribes in my country.
This woman is from the Pokot community one of the 42 tribes we have in Kenya. She is carrying her baby in a baby carrier made from a goats hide.
I don’t want to explain the picture to death so I’ll just let it speak for it self…
Photo credits: Daily Nation Newspaper