Who is claires2cents?


I like to think of myself as a mammoth stuck in a squirrels body! Your eyes are popped wide open now and your thinking why a mammoth of all animals! All that fur not to mention they’re extinct ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway the reason i describe my self like that is because i have a larger than life personality, I speak my mind, I don’t settle for less than I deserve and I love whole heartedly which means i also get hurt in the same massive proportions.

I love to write,I cannot live without books, music and chocolate. I am a single mother,ย  a daughter, a sister, a friend and all this is packed into a petit 5’1 package.

Does the analogy make sense now? I hope so:-) Writing is how I express myself, deal with things that happen to me and those around me and even things I’m struggling with at present.

My posts will therefore range from my exploits as a mother, my relationships with the people in my life, my relationship with God, the politics of the day, my successes and failures, rainbows and butterflies , you name it! They are determined by my mood and state of mind on any given day.

That said, I hope you will find them worth reading and even better that they may resonate with you on a personal level.


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