Stuck in a rut… 

Stuck in a rut… 

So im having a mild case of writers block , I know happens to the best of us. Its not even that i dnt have something to say, its the how to say it thats proving to be a task.

Usually reading helps with this, I just finished reading the fifty shades trilogy but all that did was leave me with steamy hot images in my mind and a warm fuzzy happy ever after feeling in my heart.  (hopeless romantic – guilty as charged)

So iv heard many writers remedy the block by just getting on the computer and typing whatever comes out.. thats what im doing but on my phone…

There is also the reading other blogs trick, iv been doing some of that all morning, having a slow day at work.

So i was looking  very busy staring at my screen, thanx for this @mbaudennis, @JadeM.Wong,@pianowhispers,@thatssojacob, @ssunshine14,@fairlyliterary – and for  writing awesome posts!

And just like that, I have a blog post my first in almost 3 weeks… Id say thats progress!

…. My two Cents . …


4 thoughts on “Stuck in a rut… 

  1. Hi Claire
    It’s been great following your posts. Thanks so much for following mine.
    My website has moved and I’d love to keep you as a reader.
    Could you subscribe to my new mailing list at the following link:

    Hope to stay in touch,
    Anne Skyvington

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