My hands are tied…..

My hands are tied…..

I learnt the hard way not to settle for less, never to let a relationship define me to the point where I lose my identity.

It took heart break and a train wreck relationship to figure out that speaking my mind and demanding to be treated right was okay and it didn’t make me unlovable.

You saw me go through this and watched helplessly as I gave too much to someone who didn’t deserve it … and there was nothing you could do about it..
You we’re my refuge when i finally hit rock bottom and called it quits. As i struggled to find myself and regain my self confidence.


And now here we are, you’re in the same situation, maybe even worse. And there’s nothing I can do but be there for you.

It hurts me that you gave your all and got a raw deal instead. I worry that you’re still in denial and seem confused about what to do next…

There’s only so much I can do, I listen when you vent, I point out where I think you’re being dupped but I can’t really make the tough decisions for you.

I’m praying for you though, for strength, for courage, for wisdom to do the right thing- for you, that you choose yourself and your happiness before all else…


3 thoughts on “My hands are tied…..

  1. I think even at that particular time you were going through it, you were the one with the last word. So are they right now, it’s only him/her who has the last say. But no matter what, just be there for support!

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