Dating in traffic :-)

Dating in traffic :-)

Most married couples with children can probably relate to this.Especially if you both work,then obviously your schedules outside the office revolve around the children.

Its pretty difficult to get time just for the two of you. So you take those rare quality time moments and milk them for all their worth.

Like that peaceful interval when your kids are asleep and you can actually have an adult conversation. Your both so tired though, there isn’t so much you’ll have talked about before sleep kicks in..


This is how we’ve ended up having our dates in traffic! We drop princess off at school pretty early and are left with about 30minutes to spare before having to be at work.

Instead of joining the other early risers rushing to get to the office, we’ve been parking the car and just talking like old friends do.

At first we would just head off to work and catch up on watsapp, welcome to 21st century dating! Then we wizened up and decided nothing beats old school face to face conversations.

We actually pulled off a lunch date last week, it was like we had just met!That’s when I realized if you both want it bad enough and work at it together, its not that hard to get quality time.

Its okay to evolve in your relationship and all that, but we must make sure we don’t lose the essence of what brought us together in the first place.


6 thoughts on “Dating in traffic :-)

  1. My fiance and I are always struggling to find quality time together. Our daughter is only 2.5 months so I’m sure it’ll be a lot longer before things feel like old times again.

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  2. Truth! When I first got married everyone told me the “Honeymoon Stage” wouldn’t last long. Well, we will be married 10 years this summer and he still makes me giddy. I will be dating my husband when we’re old and grey and we’ll still be in the “Honeymoon Stage”

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