5years later and still so in love with you

5years later and still so in love with you

I was at a pretty bad place when we met,rediscovering my self,rebuilding my faith in people or at least trying to..You know that dark place we tend to go to  when we’re hurt,that safe place we can hide in to lick our wounds and wallow in self pity..

I had built myself a nice home there and it took all of my will power to leave that comfort zone.How could i trust again,believe again let alone love again……


Then I met you,subtle,friendly and so funny,I was in dire need of laughter in my life!I was hesitant at first,I had adapted the motto : DOUBT EVERY ONE UNTIL THEY GIVE YOU A REASON TO TRUST THEM……not a very healthy motto but I was in defensive mode .

You snuck up on me,coming over to say hey everyday,offering me a stick of gum.For a while I was concerned you we’re the friendliest stalker alive or you we’re politely trying to tell me I had bad breath!

But then you started asking me to lunch,nothing big just two people who happen to be at the same place everyday sharing a meal.We exchanged numbers,and we we’re talking more and more,no prompting required.It turns out we had so much in common.I liked you..

My heart was still guarded  but there was something about you.You we’re real,no ulterior motives,I believed everything you told me,It scared me but I began to trust you…A few months into our friendship and you did the thing I dreaded the most,the thing that would change everything..

I still remember  you said you loved me and couldn’t continue just being friends and that you knew I felt the same way too(cocky much)!But you we’re spot on,letting go of  my fears and choosing to love and feel again was the best decision I ever made.I chose to jump and I’m so happy that every single time, I know you’ll catch me…..

Happy 5th anniversary to my best friend,my biggest fan,my protector,my daily dose of laughter,my soul mate.













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