New beginnings..

New beginnings..


I haven’t posted anything in a fortnight and its not because i didn’t have something to say, I guess I was clearing the cache (just got off the phone with an I. T guy might as well borrow the lingo)

One of my favourite quotes is

dont speak because you have to say something, speak because you have something to say

and I try to live by it.

In truth I feel like 2016 is just starting for me. January was not the easiest month and cant say I’m sad to see it go.

February on the other hand has started with a bang, I landed a new job that is full of promise and i think I’m really going to enjoy it.

This is my turning 30 year: pause for effect when did i get old??! Well never I’ll be 22 for the next 10years…

Seriously though I’ve been in a reflective mood since the beginning of the year, kind of settling the accounts of my life so far…

Looking back at the things I thought I would have done by now, I just laughed. I’ve learnt that life has its own plans that almost never coincide with ours.

The books don’t look so bad though,I’m healthy,surrounded by people who love me, I ‘m a mummy to a beautiful princess(who I must give a little brother or sister soon) and I have a job that I think will challenge and reward me at the same time.

Things could be worse, so here’ s to new beginnings and whatever they may bring..



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