Peace, Love and Unity!

Peace, Love and Unity!

It was a tough weekend for my country as we have yet again been attacked by the heartless monster called terrorism.

This time they struck at a Kenya Defence Forces camp in Somalia injuring soldiers and even taking hostages.


The entire country is standing together, praying for the safe retrieval of these brave men and women,as well the quick recovery of those injured during the attack.

They sacrifice themselves to protect us and defend our country from these extremists killing innocent people in the name of religion and this is our way to show them that we do not take this for granted.


When writing this post I remembered something our Pastor said yesterday about being a christian first before all else.
Kenyans have time and time again proven that they will always stand together in times of tragedy and this is no different.

We are Kenyans first before any religion..
We are Kenyans first before our many diverse tribes…
We are Kenyans first before any political affiliations…
And we will over come this too, just like we did when they attacked the West Gate Mall and the Garissa University.
…….. God Bless Kenya….


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