What to do?

What to do?

I just finished reading this amazing book, called where the road goes by Joanne Greenberg. Its written in such a unique style as the chapters were a compilation of diary entries and letters. I was in reader heaven 🙂


Its about a grandmother who leaves her family for a year to join a walk across America. The book is therefore her record of events as she takes the walk – the diary entries and the letters are the correspondence between her and her family.

Okay so I’m not doing a book review, I just wanted to share what struck me the most in the book. Tig – the grandmother was also exchanging letters with her grandchildren and one of them had just gotten a boy friend.

We all remember what that’s like, puppy love, all rainbows and butterflies…. Well this relationship was a bit more complex. The boy had a troubled childhood, was abandoned by both he’s parents at an early age, he felt the world was against him and had developed a substance abuse problem.

The story then takes us on a heartbreaking journey of a family trying to get their teenage girl out of an unhealthy relationship. This is where my aha moment checked in….

I had always assumed that young girls fell for the wrong type of guy because they did not know any better, maybe they did not have a good father as a role model or anyone who cared enough to explain to them what real love was.

Looking back at my relationships before I met Mr. Right I can definitely see my daddy issues playing a part in the people I dated. So I haven’t completely discarded my theory but the story in this book made me realise that even with the best up bringing and support system, girls can still fall prey to the wrong type of guy.

As a parent to a beautiful smart little girl this was a bit scary. Especially in this digital era we’re raising our kids in, they are exposed to so much at an early age.

What to do? First , I’ve decided I’m doubling up on the prayers I say for my baby and for God to give me wisdom and guidance on the way I raise her.

Then I’m just going to continue doing my best in teaching her to love and respect herself as I make sure the bond we have, where she tells me everything grows stronger and stronger so she’ll always be able to talk to me.

Being a parent is a pretty power less job, u just do your best and pray to God your children turn out okay.


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