Why you left….

Why you left….

  It was a forbidden topic, the elephant in the room that had some how moved in. So we we’re constantly walking on eggs shells trying to avoid the subject.
  Mostly so we wouldn’t cause her more pain but also because we feared what the answer would be.
   We’re we so bad to be around that you could not be around us any more?why we’re we never enough for you? You always seemed to be looking for the next big thing, didn’t you already have it?
   You we’re supposed to be our blue print for men, teach us girls how a good man should act and treat us. Teach your son how to become that good man. 

   That was never to be, instead you we’re like a distant Uncle who visited sometimes and brought gifts. An all round Santa.
     And now that we’ve grown up, we don’t really know you, nor you us. I realise now its your loss because you opted out of our lives. We we’re never the problem and we’re more than enough for you to be content and happy.
    I wish with all my heart that you found what you we’re always looking for, how sad would it be if you didnt and learn too late that it had always been right under your nose.



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