God, teacher then me…..

God, teacher then me…..


I have gracefully accepted that this is the hierarchy of authority in my daughter’s life.
This is after trying to help her with her homework and getting a thank you mum but teacher did not explain it like that…

Ouch…for a minute i thought about unleashing my college graduate credentials but my better judgement checked in just in time.
She wasn’t doubting my smarts so to speak, I was just tress passing into her teacher ‘s territory.

Sure i can help her with her homework every once in a while but teacher’ s methods are the law.


This got me thinking how much power teachers have in shaping the minds of this little people. I have nothing but respect for teachers and the work they do, its not even a job its a calling.

Which is why I go into lioness mode when someone in such a position unleashes their bad mood or personal problems at their job.
Some professions just don’t get to have a bad day, ca

n you imagine if a neuro surgeon was in a bad mood during an operation ?!

Shouldn’t we use our positions to create positive change, its the least you can do if your going to be at a job for more than half your life, make it count!

… My two cents…….


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