My bestfriend and sometimes worst enemy………….

My bestfriend and sometimes worst enemy………….

blocpic1Growing up I was my mum’s shadow,my brother and sister would go out with dad but I’d opt to stay home.Not necessarily doing anything with mum maybe just lost in one of my story books but she was close by so all was well with the world.

Around thirteen she was the worst person to have ever set foot on this planet,I mean she was definitely out to ruin my life.Our conversations we’re based on these 3 sentences;

  • You are not  wearing that!
  • Your not going to attend that AND
  • Your not supposed to be watching that!!

I was convinced she derived pleasure from saying NO to us!(let’s blame it on the raging hormones)

By the time I was 18,she was public enemy number one,I mean really what is this she’s trying to protect me from?don’t I have to experience things for myself,make my own mistakes so that I learn from them??

Then came the mistakes;the wrong friends with bad attitudes,the frogs I confused for romeo, worst of all my sister and I got mugged on our way home after sneaking out to go to some party that we just had to attend and somehow we had thought it a good idea to walk home at 11pm.Luckily we didn’t get hurt they just took our phones and money  but yet again mum had known best.

I used to hear that you never really understood your mum until you had a child of your own.That realization finally hit home for me,I have an eight year old whose more like 15 in her little head and so many things my mum did make sense to me now.

I don’t know what I would have done without her to pick me up after all my screw ups or without her planning and organizing of so many things in my life as I was oblivious of the behind the scenes efforts that made things so easy for me.

We still fight because she says I’ll remain her baby even when I turn 40! and sometimes she’ll mother me when I’m trying to mother my daughter, but i get it now.



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