Mr.President Sir,,

Mr.President Sir,,

Let me start by welcoming you to Kenya,in person it would have been ”Karibu Kenya” with a very nice fake accent so that you understand what i’m saying.

Kenya really does love you I mean the governor of Nairobi even tried to grow grass in three days in honor of your visit.My eight year old daughter was a bit confused as to why he didn’t arrange for this earlier….anyway i digress…

,kenya pic

I am actually a big fan and not because of the supposed cousin bond that you apparently share with very many of my Kenyan brothers and sisters.I have followed your political career since you gave that great speech at the Democratic convention,to your first and second election,even staying up on election night to watch as the results trickled in.

I downloaded your speeches,woke up to watch the debates which we’re showing between 1 and 3 a.m Kenyan time,I’ve read your books Dreams from my father and the Audacity of hope.It was no small fete for Blacks to come from standing at the back of the bus to sitting in the white house,I wanted to be a part of it even from oceans away.

That’s not why am writing though,I was just wondering if you knew how much ‘trouble’ for lack of a better word your visit will cause.Don’t get me wrong,I realise your visit is not only an endorsement for our tourism sector,that Kenya is a safe destination but that it will open numerous economic activities for other industries as well.

That said though,our government has decided to close down some major roads so that you may travel more conveniently while your here but what happens to the normal mwananchi as a result.

How will they get to work?Can our economy afford the capital city’s workforce missing a full day of work,sure you will bring more business avenues with your visit but when will that translate into actual money in Wanjiku’s pockets?

Couldn’t you have used choppers to move from place to place or something?

……….my two cents……….


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