Tall,dark and handsome….

Tall,dark and handsome….

There’s a phrase you hear a lot when women are describing the man of their dreams. Followed very closely by financially stable! Loving, caring, romantic, funny, thoughtful, considerate and the list goes on and on, I feel you men, the struggle is real!
Let me throw a spanner in the works though ladies and tell you some other qualities that will really prove you hit the jackpot with your man…A good father!

Father's day1 (2)
When Mr. Tall, dark and handsome willingly gives up some weekends that were in the past specifically diarized for the English premier league because it’s your child’s birthday or they have a function at school, or just to spend some quality time with your family….
When he relinquishes control of the remote and his beloved Nat Geo to watch sponge bob marathons for the umpteenth time….
When he spends an entire Saturday constructing science projects for your little scientist to be or allows himself to be used as a fashion model. Getting his face done and scarves tied on his head because your daughter is determined to be a fashion model and it’s only proper that she practices; lol!
When he is the many (man nanny) on those important days when mummy needs a day off to go do nothing in particular…These ladies, are the best qualities you will ever find in a man!
Today as we mark Father’s day I want to wish my baby’s father a great day, baby and I love and appreciate you so much.
And to all the men out there doing right by their sons and, or daughters.

Fathers-day (2)


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