Princess Turns 8!!

Princess Turns 8!!


………………………….LOVE OF MY LIFE…………………………………………………..
You came into my life 8years ago, so tiny and defenseless, looking to me to protect you and take care of your every need. Honestly I was scared out of my mind…what if I messed up and hurt you? I remember dressing you up in your cute baby clothes and thinking I’ve snapped your wobbly head, so id check with bated breath if you we’re still okay. Then I would find you smiling up at me like you we’re saying “you’ve got this mum”.

Look at us now, you turn 8 today, all grown, so smart and beautiful, inside and out! Am afraid of how tall you’ve gotten ,you’ll be taller than me in a few years….I’ve come so far since you we’re born, I am more confident now that every decision I make is in your best interest.

You taught me unconditional love, you taught me to have patience, to be honest, there are no grey areas with you, lying is wrong and that’s that! You make me brave because in your eyes, I am a hero who fears nothing…but the truth is you’re the brave one and you we’re sent here to save me.

In your eyes everyone is equal, you smile and the darkness disappears, you laugh and I forget every sad thought I’ve ever had. You live in a simple world and it doesn’t take much to make you happy just a whole lot of love…okay cartoons, sweets, ice cream, swimming and a whole lot of love.

You challenge me to work harder every day so I can make your perfect bubble last as long as possible. You want to be something different every day; a model, a musician, an actress, a scientist, a surgeon but I don’t doubt for a second that whatever you finally settle on, you’ll be great at. I see a reflection of who I want to be when I grow up in your shiny little eyes.

So as we celebrate your eighth birthday, I am filled with humility and gratitude for how well you turned out, for God’s favor and guidance in your life and I pray that he continues walking with you all the days of your life.

Happy birthday my princess, there are no words to describe how much I love you or how proud I am to be your mum,I hope that my actions do it better.



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