Walking the talk….

Walking the talk….

Improving my relationship with God is always top on my list but unfortunately in the past it was just part of my to do list and never really got done.Well I have been working at changing that,thought I’d share that with you.

More often than not we think going to church regularly is building that so called relationship,really?I recently attended a conference and I have to say the speakers we’re so on point.

bible pic

One of  them asked how many times we talked to our significant others in a day and we came up with an approximate number of 3hours a day.He then asked how many hours we talked to God in a day and the majority we’re in the 10 minute bracket,5min in the morning and 5minutes before we go to bed.What the speaker called passport prayers ‘Dear God,bless me,bless my family and bless the world!’ prayer pic

That one hit home for me but that wasn’t all.The last speaker at the conference choose to challenge our Christianity as a successful brand.She said if we we’re to market ourselves as Christians we probably wouldn’t sell a whole lot.

Why??Christianity has become so commercialized that churches are now transforming into business ventures.To put it as blatantly as she did,we are Christians as long as we are benefiting somehow.

Whether that’s true or not,you decide. What I took from that was that we practice our religion reluctantly,like we are being coerced to. I felt challenged to give my relationship with God as much time and effort as I give to my other relationships,I mean if you’re going to do something then do it for real not just as a by the way.

……….my two cents……………


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