Don’t shoot the messenger!

Don’t shoot the messenger!

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Writing is one of my passions and I decided I was going to do more of that this year, not only here but on a professional level too.I’m happy that iv been doing both so not bad for my 2015 resolutions….

Now to the point of my post today,My editor!I’m challenging myself by writing on topics that I haven’t written in the past which means I may go wrong every once in a while.

So my latest assignment was involving to the say the least,I woke up to an email form the above mentioned editor and without even a hello he went ahead to obliterate into tiny pieces my self professed literal prowess!

Ofcorse I went into a tail spin,I mean please does he know who I am?I have gotten straight A’s in all things languages since grade school!I could get him referrals from all my teachers and bla bla bla I had a good rant(thanx babe for listening to me vent)

Anyway after I got over myself and read the email again without the emotions this time! I saw that he actually had some valid points as this is a new area for me.Then it hit me,you know how at interviews your asked what’s your weakness? I usually go blank….

I now think it’s that  I’m not so good at receiving constructive criticism and I suspect am not alone.Instead of listening to what the person is saying,we hear what we think they’re saying and go on the defensive.

I’m not only a writer but a daughter,a sister,a mother and a potential wife and the list goes on and on, if I cant take some positive correction how then can I give it to the people in my life.

Am thinking lets give the message a chance before we go for the messengers throat,I might just pick up enough tips to become an editor myself,though I’ll at the least start my email with a good morning!

………my two cents……………………………


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