I REFUSE TO BOW……………………….

I REFUSE TO BOW……………………….

Dear life,

It’s month three of 2015 and you are already giving me a hard time.So i thought id lay my cards on the table for you to know what your up against…Here goes…..

I refuse to let you put me down,I hear all your discouraging comments, trying to plant in me seeds of defeat before iv even began.sticks and stones my dear,sticks and stones….

I refuse to second guess myself just because you’re making my plans a little hard to achieve!If it isn’t hard won,it doesn’t taste as good!So no i will not give up or give in!

I refuse to settle for less than i deserve because i work hard for everything I get! So when you see me stumble and fall or shed a tear in a moment of weakness,don’t pour the champagne just yet,I’m still in this to win,what doesn’t kill me can only make me stronger.

Maybe you’re reading this and thinking I’m just talking a big game but remember what they say about big things coming in small packages?Consider yourself warned because I’m not going anywhere!!


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