The noise we make……..

The noise we make……..

I watched the news yesterday with a heavy heart. A third year female student from my former university was raped and murdered and her body dumped at the campus bus stop.

The story wasn’t shocking just because am an alumni of the university,I am appalled by violence against women and its prevalence in our country more so the cavalier attitude that such crimes are met with.

Don’t get me wrong I am not justifying any form of violence against any one, I am just really passionate when it comes to women and children as they are more vulnerable in such cases.

Any way i digress,the police responded to the report of what had happened at Moi University, Eldoret campus and proceeded to take the girl’s body to the morgue as they start investigations.

The students would have none of this as they turned on the officers complaining of rampant insecurity in the area, which they said they have reported numerous times, both to the university and the police.

I believe we have a provision for freedom of expression in our constitution, thus it was within their rights to express their frustration and anger about the insecurity and  how it had led to the death of their colleague.

But the way in which they choose to do this is what i question,,is pelting stones and burning a police vehicle the way to achieve their goal?

The police officers are also not saints, they responded by firing tear gas canisters and live bullets in the air, a tactic that has resulted in innocent people getting shot and even losing their lives, in the past.

If teachers want a raise in this country, they hit the streets in protest ,singing and chanting “haki yetu” (our right) then feign ignorance when the students they teach follow suit and take to destroying school property when they are raising concerns or dissatisfaction with something in their school.

Isn’t this a case of monkey see,monkey do??

The government recently switched off all analogue TV signals in a move towards digital migration that has been put off for a quite a while since the deadline was announced.

I wonder tho’ how digital we really are, if our lawmakers can only resort to blows and chaos in parliament when they face a deadlock?

When the only avenue our doctors,nurses and teachers have to demand for better pay is protests and riots?

When it has become common practice for university students to engage police in running battles and the latter to respond with tear gas and live bullets.

Where do we draw the line?

Whatever happened to peaceful protests that required getting a permit from the necessary authorities therefore no need for police and their tear gas canisters?

Shouldn’t we be as concerned with evolving from our stone age ways as we are with the digital era?

…………my two cents………


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