The big ‘bad’day,,Valentines!!

The big ‘bad’day,,Valentines!!

So it came and went!did you live through it? did you survive it?I know some of you maybe wondering why I am describing the main lovers day like world war 3 but isn’t that how some people portray it?Like its do or die!

Ultimatums are made and some relationships even depend on the gifts given or where your partner will take you.If they don’t match up to your expectations then your done,is that what love is about these days?

I for one didn’t get a gift neither did I get my boyfriend one.We didn’t go anywhere special and that has not taken anything away from our already awesome relationship.We spent the day at a friends wedding and later went for their dinner,we marked the day celebrating love and it didn’t cost us a penny.

In fact we got an opportunity to spend some quality time in a wonderful atmosphere as two people vowed to commit themselves to each other forever in good and bad times.

Does it mean then that if your better half doesn’t give an expensive gift or take you to some exotic place,he doesn’t love you and your relationship is doomed.I think we have allowed something that’s meant to be simple and pure to become so commercialized that we cannot recognize it anymore.

Sure I want the gifts and the exotic trips but that’s not what defines how much we love each other,if we cannot find those moments to cherish what we have until and unless we are celebrating valentine’s day,our relationships don’t have a leg to stand on.

………my two cents…….


2 thoughts on “The big ‘bad’day,,Valentines!!

  1. Great read, i really dont have the facts or circumstances that brought forth st Valentines as a day to be celebrated by people in love or those that share love but i tend to think each couple should write their own love story, St valentines wrote his.


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