The life plan……..NOT!

The life plan……..NOT!

Mine; finish school, go to college, get a job, move out of home, meet great guy, get married, have kids, live happily ever after…..
The universe’s, finish school, start college, get a wonderful baby girl, go back to college, meet great guy, get a job, lose the job, come up with a different plan….
…….So I still haven’t moved from home but I really can’t complain, I have it better than most. On an extremely bad day I’ve had a fight with my landlord (read mum) or the great guy picked me up a bit late for a date because he was helping out a friend, it could be worse right?

Is there a plan really,some manual that we are supposed to follow on the road to ”success” and who defines what success is?Are we all supposed to be on some corporate trail climbing up the ladder and anyone who isn’t is not “successful”

Is it just me or do you meet your friends from campus or high school and after the niceties,you’re supposed to name drop the corporate your making your big mark at and if you don’t well your officially a failure…….

Being a planner myself it took a while to understand that life does not follow the same rules that to-do-lists do,things happen that you had not anticipated and i think success at that point is taking what you get and making the most and best of it.

……… two cents………………………


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