The lost boys….whose to blame

The lost boys….whose to blame

Some say the focus on the girl child has made the boy invisible.Is this the cause then for the alarming statistics of young boys indulging in crime,drug and alcohol abuse just to mention a few…..

I beg to differ and not just because am female.Let me pose a couple of questions to defend my position

1.Is the girl child all over the country able to get an education?

2.Have practices such forced early marriages and FGM been completely abolished?

3.Is the woman in our society now so superior or equal to the man that male chauvinism and violence against women are a thing of the past?

I answer a strong NO to all the questions.

I think we’re failing at the parenting level.Who is teaching our boys responsibility,work ethic,respect,humility,faithfulness?Our girls know that they have to work hard and fight for every opportunity they get simply because of their DNA.

Do our boys know not to take the opportunities they get for granted?Are our fathers and husbands providing a role model for them to look up to.Or have we left it to social media initiatives like dead beat Kenya to remind us our parental duties.

Let me go out on a limb and say society has failed in raising men for the future generations.We are evolving in all other matters but not in how we treat our boy child.

We have set the standards so low for the boy that they are not motivated to do any better.No one will hold them accountable,society has been making excuses for them since time in memorial.

How you might ask,the phrases boys will be boys and you know how men are commonly used to excuse any indiscretions they may commit.Be it drinking,using drugs,getting girls pregnant,cheating,sexual or violent abuse allow many to get away with things that they should not.

Girls will always be advised on how to be respectable women in society so that they can be even better wives and mothers in future.They are often punished severely by the same society when they seem to have failed.

Why are we not doing that for the boys.whose giving them tips on being well respected men,future husbands and fathers?If we don’t hold them accountable for their actions,how will they know to do the same for their sons…..



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