More than Conquerors……Romans 8:28-33

More than Conquerors……Romans 8:28-33

Social media is a blaze with opinions about the latest terror attack.There’s a lot of focus on Ole Lenku and Kimaiyo and how they’re now out.Does this mean no more terror attacks??

There have also been calls for the President to resign,this will help those who have lost loved ones how??I think we get caught up in the moment and forget what is really important.

FACT;Terrorism is a global problem,not President Uhuru’s,Kimaiyo’s or Ole Lenku’s.

FACT;Something in our security docket needs to be changed and quick,from the intelligence or lack their off to the strategies.We need to adapt a pro-active approach and not the reactive one we are so accustomed to.

This terror attacks happen even in the developed world where technology and defense tactics are way ahead of ours.Is that then to say that we are at their mercy and they can’t be stopped??

Of course not!!Now is when #WEAREONE# should apply the most!Pointing fingers and playing the blame game will just further their cause which is to divide and conquer…………

……….MY TWO CENTS……….


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