I sometimes sit and watch my daughter sleep after putting her to bed,it’s a beautiful peaceful sight to behold.
I am lucky to be able to raise her in as safe an environment as possible.
We live in our own compound so there are no strangers to worry about,my mum watches her when am at work so there are no evil nannies to worry about.
So my heart bleeds for those mothers who aren’t as fortunate,whose children are in the most danger being with family members than the feared stranger.
And in a country where 7 out of 10 of the news items in a bulletin are horrible reports of more atrocities,how safe really is my baby when at school,church or the mall?
The bible says there is no sin greater than the other but i just have to believe there is a special hell for people who carry out any form of abuse on children.
So as people in the different parts of the world celebrate thanksgiving,I’m grateful for the ways in which am privileged to provide security,however minimal for my daughter and pray for the defenseless children that have suffered at the hands of monsters.


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